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Here's a method of paying for your Ballpark...

Go ahead and spend as much of the city taxpayers money as fast as you can to shove it down their throats. Tax the living daylights out of them! NH County council has already opted out of this losing capital venture and simply don't want a part of it (understandably).

So build your ballpark, another useless marina 20 miles up the river where nobody wants to bring their yachts anyway and there it stands. give the city residents a discount to attend the games and apply ticket surcharges to everyone else that isn't being burdened with your tax increases. If you really believe baseball is THAT big here (as you tend to THINK it is...), you'll have sell-out attendance and pay the way.

My guess is that you'll be lucky to fill 25% of the stadium the first year, the marina...forget that, it'll remain as empty as the rest already are. The city residents can't get off their duffs to go vote in a decent mayor, they sure aas heck won't have any interest in a "boring game of baseball" (as I've heard it termed here). The ticket prices will be outrageous for the others and they will simply opt for a gorgeous day at the beach and a dinner out. least that stupid, ugly, land nobody wanted finally got sold, right?


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