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The Anti-Stadium Rally in Support of Building A Big One

It strikes as hypocritical and (putting a Mccoy conspiracy hat on) intriguingly significant that the loudest critics of every civic project idea discussed and uncompromising bullhorns for “transparency and fiscal spending cuts” Mccoy, Curtis Wrong, and their minority supporters are holding a “anti-ballpark/multi-use stadium rally” where the featured speakers are supporters of the stadium who have been in what the Star News called secret backroom meetings for years to build this stadium and lure a team to play in it. Keynote speakers County Chair Ted Davis and rising star politician Rick Catlin are for the stadium, but have elections in a few months. Neither one of them has come out against a stadium, both support it with a formula like the convention center ROT formula. Davis and Catlin champion the secrecy behind meetings with the city, mandalay, John Hinnant, Louise McColl, and nobody is saying who else was in those secret "backroom" meetings (see the article in the Star-News). Wouldn't it be interesting if Mccoy puppet commissioner berger was a participant in those meetings, as more outspoken than mccoy citizens should know if berger is a hypocrite now that he's on the Board. It appears Chairman Davis wants the City to take the lead and heat while he campaigns for four more years running the County and Rick would look to a “regional” plan after he wins a state house seat this November. Those strategies paid off with the Convention Center, a Catlin-firm project supported by Davis and all the same cast of characters with the regional approach using ROT funds and formulas for the Convention Center for the new stadium. All of Mccoys favorite targets to attack have been involved behind the scenes with no complaints from ben this time. Louise McColl, Chamber, Wilmington Downtown, Mayor Saffo, the city council, the county commission, the Star-News even. Funny, Ben McCoy out touting an “anti-stadium rally” with pro-stadium and spending (the ego-clash with the city and county is clearly a negotiating ploy, thats it) politicians Ted Davis and Rick Catlin, rumored to be an investment partner in the stadium (interesting choice for an anti-rally). Meanwhile, Mccoy’s puppet berger is a fugitive in Mexico leaving no real opposition among local electeds. Does Rick catlin have to report his financial conflict of interest or does he get a pass while the media focuses on the extremist Berger and his weekly arrests...the perfect cover for shady fellow commissioners making the most of Berger's romances with less than wholesome younger women to ripoff taxpayers glued to Berger's personal life? With the fiscal guerilla on the lam, Ben M and curtis wrong are growing up right before our very eyes. Bravo gentlemen. Welcome to reality and hop on the economic development bandwagon!


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