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Bottom line....the posters

Bottom line....the posters on this thread who are being accused of being: "inhuman, selfish, stupid, etc." are no more or less inhuman, selfish, stupid, etc. than a person who would WILLINGLY drive 80 mph in a 25 mph residential zone. Truth is, the only person that knows the facts as to 'WHY' would be the person responsible for operating this vehicle.
Three years ago today I lost someone very dear to me when he was hit in his car by a motorcycle doing 120 mph. I watched the media circus and the proclamations of this motorcyclists' family. In their grief, reality was (I'm sure) a near impossibility. In our grief our reality was: the death of a loved one caused by a selfish driver. It didn't matter how long the drivers' rap sheet was, it didn't matter that he was driving on a revoked license and it didn't matter that he had been drinking at a bar for HOURS.
What MATTERS is: how much of a lesson was learned here? Has anyone asked themselves "how will my driving today affect others"? My heart goes out to those that have lost a loved one. Especially to those children left behind. Driving is a privilege not an excuse to act like a selfish moron. Teach THAT lesson to those children left behind in the hope they become GOOD, SAFE drivers. No person should lose a loved one over a drivers' inability to simply obey traffic laws.


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