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ROFL! It amuses me how easy

ROFL! It amuses me how easy it is for one comment to start some of the stupidest threads ever. Are you all so ready to believe that the downtown boundaries have anything to do with the amount of crime in ANY area close to downtown? And even so....who cares? CRIME IS EVERYWHERE people. Did you know there are crackheads, murderers, child rapists, drunk drivers, etc. in affluent neighborhoods also? Criminals come from many different neighborhoods and social standings. The location someone is in doesn't make them decide if they should be a criminal or not, it's called a CHOICE, not a good choice but it is a choice. Kind of like the choice made by those who post and have NOTHING constructive or remotely intelligent to say.
Thanks to the WWAY response, I understood it...NEAR downtown. As far as I can see there was no verification of an actual shooting either (I deduced this by actually READING the article!). Stick your heads back in the sand wouldn't recognize "crime" if it bit you in the ass anyway.


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