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Your comment of "The location someone is in doesn't make them decide if they should be a criminal or not, it's called a CHOICE" is correct except certain locations are more crime prone than others.

There are people that simply will not admit, public housing and the proximity of it to residential areas, are almost safe havens for fleeing violent criminals. Virtually no cooperation from residents, stalled investigations etc works for the crooks, not us.

Where the crime happens, this block, or that block is not as important as reducing the causes of it. Values and morals need to placed in the young EVERYWHERE to stamp out violence.

Until violent offenders know serious time awaits them for crimes, the revolving door of the criminal justice system will continue to spew violent, unemployable, people out until they commit a crime so severe the only option will be life imprisonment.

As for the "wouldn't know crime if it bit us in the a@@", these days, I wouldn't be so sure. And criminals need to learn that all the easy victims of the past, are being more prepared for criminals in the future. That could be a costly mistake for criminals to make.


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