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name change

Not really sure what you're trying to say here....Is S.Baptist a denemonation of christianity? Yes it is.

When you talk about the Apostolic Church are you talking about 1st century Christian Jews living the age of the Apostles? If you are than you are correct that is PRE-denominational.

or are you talking about modern Apostolics? if so then you are incorrect as they are a denomination as well.

Are you saying any attempt at denominationalism is wrong?

just what are you saying?

you're comment: "Therefore, their efforts to match their denominational title to the biblical pre denominational His Apostolic Church is simply null and void." pure babble. How are they tring to "match" their title (Baptist) with the apostolic church. the baptists have always existed as a denomination, unless you are alluding to John the Baptist somehow, and if that's the case then you are further off base than I had imagined.


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