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The Stadium...

CONT.... from My earlier reply as I don't think the whole comment posted..

There are more PRESSING issues facing Wilmington, than trying to bring a Ball team here... at this point, (I'd follow the money), to find out whom this is going to benifit personally, not just by Money, though "EGO'S" could have a hand in it, though I'm leaning towars "follow the money", because it sure isn't the City residents that own property in ILM that will be benifiting on this Issue, ones that most likely that don't care nor can affored "another" Tax Increase on this Huge White Elephant, ( Or the One that yet has turned a dime of Profit on investment), in the Roomeg the Convention Center, (As if it wasn't enough shoved down our throats, or errrm, up OUR collective rear-ends),... NOT that I'm against it, IT could be a "Multi-use" Stadium , be nice to get some Big name, decent Music bands here...


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