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Berger of DSS Best, Honest Servant, Not Stephen King

Why dont you just go back to your Danielle Steele novels since you know nothing about politics, Brian Berger, Social Services, the law...shall I continue?

Nah. you're a nobody who's not worth it. just a coward out for attention attacking a relentless, caring to the point of not sleeping when there are people asking for help from their leaders, that's Berger. (Other Commissioners don;t take calls after 6:00 or earlier and work for themeselves and cronies, contract seekers, but Berger's different and has been more than a witchhunt victim, he's been stripped of his teeth by the media and burned at the stake by the seedy people he has to work with on the BOC, but its the sheriff who chained him and Ben David and Lilliam Salcines who lit the blaze and have let him burn (Berger brought some gas, not smart, but no excuse for how he's been treated by the media, public, and the ones who "protect" rare elected officials like Berger, the few trying to help their fellow humans and neighbors from government abuse and all the corruption specifically the DAs office and police and law enforcement(Head Start, c'mon, that is just crazy that the sheriff's deputy didn't arrest him, cite him, berger is clearly no threat, but gets arrested for Head Start's corruption while the people who stole that money are protected by Ben David, Sandra Criner, Salcines, media, WPD, the Sheriff. and ignorant aimless people like you. The world is in chaos and you can only attack someone over grammar? That is Pathetic.


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