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Ben, Berger or Fulton is that you?

There are only three Berger supporters left, so which one is it? Berger himself, Josh Fulton or Ben McCoy?

Berger should be in a long term mental health facility. Wonder why he takes calls after 6:00pm? BECAUSE HE DOESNT HAVE A JOB THE REST OF THE DAY! If you have a shred of evidence that Berger isn't completely off his gord, present it, otherwise go away.... Berger is the worst thing ever to happen to the greater Wilmington area.

But as you stated above....EVERYONE ELSE is corrput but not Berger? The one who was milking a DC unemployment check while being in office down here? The one who slit his wrists then called his girlfriend to tell her about it? The one who drove without a license, got into a wreck, had no insurance and still has the audacity to SHOW UP in a public forum?

Berger = Complete Violation of Public Trust


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