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To Charlie Warren:

#1 SHUT UP every time you openyour mouth you put your foot in it

#2. If you have any hope of being re-elected (which I hope you dont get re-elected) see #1

#3. Your constant complaints are starting to make Brian Berger look sane and thats nearly impossible

#4 We all know you come off as a few cards short of a full deck but it also appears the only cards in your deck are the race card Charlie.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH... Your own actions paint you as a reverse racist yourself I hope you know that..

Please do the voters of Brunswick County a favor and get out while you still can although I know your too stubborn and stupid to realize this but you have ZERO and I mean ZERO chance of getting a seat back onthe County Board this fall.. Youve lost every bit of credibility with all your arrogant powertrips and racist rants and total dis-respect for anybody who questions your authority. I dont know who you think you are but your not Marion Barry from Washington DC whoeven after 12yrs as mayor and spending time in jail FINALLY realized when he got back on city council it was better to keep his mouth shut and keep people wondering then to open it and prove the fool he be.


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