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Here we go again. More

Here we go again. More playing on the bridge. Whoever at NCDOT that's supposed to be responsible for bridge maintenance needs to be sent home and told to find a different job. They clearly have no ability to handle the incompetent contractors they find to attempt to do these jobs. We have the never ending paint job on the bridge - the "new" paint applied 2 years ago on the east side of the bridge is starting to show it's age already (rust showing through). More recently, the DOT has contractors working on the bridge approaching the first Leland exit. This crew's idea of getting traffic to comply with the lane closures is to face four 1000 watt metal halide lamps directly into oncoming traffic. The light is not there to help the crew see... it's well before the bridge, and facing the opposie direction. It's sole use is to blind oncoming traffic. A call to the NCDOT asking them to suggest to their contractor not to do that was responded to with "we have no control over the contractor, you need to talk to them". I asked for a phone number, and was told they can't give it out. They suggested I talk to the crew on the highway.
Yeah, sure. I'm going to pull over on the highway with in an area with freshly blinded drivers, and tell a bunch of construction workers that they're idiots. Somehow I think that's the NCDOT's job.


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