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You haven't read most everyone else's comments here and chose me to attack. I have lost pets in my lifetime. I fought the good fight to keep them alive and healthy,but you are right...I was never crazy enough to spend tens of thousands to "try" to keep them alive...because I didn't have that kind of Money for one, and i wouldn't have anyway because they are pets and the realization is they may not live as long as I do. So I do think it's pretty darned extreme to take those chances with no surity that they will make it after all is said and done.

Also, the cost of Vet's insurance is going to skyrocket if this thing wins in court, and those of us who find it financially straining to provide our pets with the basic care (but do it because we, too, love them), will not be able to. This couple should have accepted the offer the hospital gave them and moved on with the healing process instead of keeping the wound open for all of us, in the end, to pay the bill.


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