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It is blatantly obvious that you have absolutely no clue about what you are speaking. I have read many, many, comments about this most sad and horrific case. It is astounding that people like you, make such wrong comments. Let me ask you.... did you live what these people did??? Get to the "gut" of it..... if the Vets had been trained properly and done their job correctly, this NEVER, NEVER should have happened. (A TIP FOR YOU ) a kid could have seen that this dog was struggling for its life..... it needed AIR. They slowly drowned this dog. Yes, they caused her death.
HEY...... about vets.. they need to do their job RIGHT, they get paid BIG BUCKS. I have heard WAY TOO many stories about Vets that have "botched" Way TOO many procedures, and OUR beloved pets have suffered for it. And so has OUR pocketbooks!!!! The Vet School needs to be held accountable.


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