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Any true conservative, anyone who understands war...

...would applaud Jones' actions. We have accomplsihed NOTHING, and there's no reason to have a few hundred more lives wasted.

Nations fight wars against nations, not groups of people within nations. In all of military history there is only ONE example of a third-party led counterinsurgency succeeding, Malaya, and that was under very unusual conditions. Third-party, outsider led counterinsurgencies simply don't work. They didn't work in Vietnam, they didn't work in Iraq, and they certainly haven't worked in Afghanistan. The Taliban is as strong as it ever was and our troops are simply serving tours on target duty. We are now NEGOTIATING indirectly with the Taliban.

George Bush launched both wars with absolutely no intention of winning them. He had no stomach for the slaughter of true war, and no thirst for the victory that is so necessary to achieve your goals. We defeated Germany, Italy and Japan in less time than it took us to accomplish nothing in Afghanistan. I supported Bush and even tried to go back on active duty in 2001 and 2003. By 2005, First Fallujah, it was obvious that he was an idiot and had no desire to wage war. He just wanted to SAY he was fighting a war, while men died because of overly-restrictive rules of engagement. Our "War on Terrorism" stopped at the mosque doorway.

Things got even worse when Obama came to the office. So what purpose does it serve to keep men in harm's way, when the outcome is already determined?

Hopefully there's a duplex located in the hottest spot in hell waiting for Bush and Rumsfeld to meet up with Johnson and McNamara.


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