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I don't know why people

I don't know why people refuse to be intellectually honest simply because the person in the spotlight is not their particular favorite candidate. I don't know as of now who I support in this race, and have no dog in this fight. I have serious issues with Pantano - legitimate issues. However, making fun of his wife and family is not one of them - and neither should it be with anyone else. Same goes for the other candidates. If you have to stoop to calling a candidate's wife "Botoxed" then you have lost the entire argument. You have demonstrated that you have nothing of any value to bring up as criticism against the candidate, and have thrown up the white flag in surrender. Pantano has not been out there poking fun and mocking other candidates' families - other candidates, on the other hand, have been toward him. I am looking at this objectively and seeing a bunch of folks that cannot seem to stick to legitimate arguments against Pantano - and there are some. But to try and score political points by mocking his wife or mother is pathetic, and these people should be ashamed. I would say the same if it was the Pantano camp doing these things toward McIntyre. Stick to the candidates themselves and their positions and history. It's open season on those things.


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