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Would you like to have your family slandered and threatened?

If this was my family, I would be furious. Is this the only way for these people to win an office, by slandering their opponent's family by lies and name calling? It is clear, they are afraid or they wouldn't stoop so low with family attacks. Pantano is the only real conservative in this race. People, our country is at risk here, and if you admit the truth instead of spewing more lies, it is easy to see that Pantano will stand up for this country. He could be a rich man financially, if that was what he is about, instead his run for office is not predicated on job or money but for his love for this country. Check out the facts, which are Rouzer is another career politician and lobbyist, he began his political career in DC in 1995, right out of college and then a lobbyist, in fact lobbied for the very bill that liberals Fienstein, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Schumer and Kennedy supported. Do you not have the commone sense to see what career politicians and lobbyists and their greed have done to help in the destruction of this country? Check out who are Rouzer's campaign donors, they are special interest groups, pacs, fellow lobbyists, corporations and quite a few of these are from his friends in DC.It is a fact that big checks expect big money. Check out McIntyre's connections, and also when have you heard him stand up against what Obama is doing to destroy this country. Our country is losing her soul, and instead of standing up for Pantano, a man that fought in 2 wars to protect you,a CHRISTIAN, an author, a free lance writer, small business owner, volunteered with the American Red Cross to help Katrina victims and the list goes on. Too bad, you don't give a flip about this country, but would rather spew lies. You people make me sick.


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