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We pay VERY low taxes = We get very low services

Wake up Wilmington. You want better opportunities, elect the right people and yes RAISE taxes. Thats right, I said raise taxes. We need more taxes to have better services. Its simple economics. (..ahem, when the money is managed by the right people in a transparent way)

Conserv-a-tive taxation approaches will not work any longer. I agree we need better tax-management and fund management but we also need to quit kidding ourselves, we pay next to nothing compared to the rest of the country. Our public schools are dropping to the bottom of the barrel and our public safety workers aren't paid at the level they deserve. Furthermore, we are not doing enough to invite more manufacturing to the greater Wilmington area. This is why CAT sped up to Georgia. A state with a tax-payer funded college education system.

Sure, we can stay just the way we are and we will continue to lose out on everything else. Enough is enough.


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