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Ballpark hooey....

Pro ball team owners have more money than they know what to to with. So do most of the players. Their contracts are ridiculous...millions! How do you think they get paid? By people like you and me. Ticket prices are so high that you can't afford to take your family to a pro game. Even for the major league teams, ticket sales are declining rapidly. So, what makes anyone think that this ball field make it? Research Diamond Stadium in Richmond Va. Another stadium that is in the heart of a downtown that was courted by the Braves before they pulled out.

If the Braves were 100% sure that Wilmington NC would be a sure money maker, they would invest 100% of the money to build it.

To tax the people of Wilmington for this is ludicrous. Even to spend $125,000 to "start negotiations" is crazy when there is already a huge deficit!!! Wake up people and voice your opposition now!!! Not that Saffo and his team of money grabbers care.


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