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No to Ball Park

I will be the first to save I do love baseball and the first to say we do not need to spend Tax Payers money for a New Ball Park. I saw yesterday that the City was looking at a $2,000,000.00 short fall in tax revenue and here they are spending $120,00.00 to see if we should build a Ball Park.

I really thing if they want a team here let MLB build the park or let’s use Legion Stadium to see if they can bring enough people in for a long period of time.

If you look there is a lot of ball played in this county and I bet if you ask any coach they will tell you with the beach here it isn't much of a draw.

We have 4 High Schools, American Legion, Sharks and UNCW here. I bet there is very little support for these.

If this was a great ideal then private investors would be standing in line to put their money it. However, all you see is everyone wanting tax payers to foot the bill and MLB takes no rise and takes all the money.


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