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Government: Problem? Throw $$$ at it..More. More.

Pre-K education in the state has been a complex bureaucratic system (picture a spider web not vertical org structure). Those at the top both in Raliegh and offices from around the state are impediments to reforms, overpaid, lazy and self-centered public garbage and if it takes Republican control to fix the problem, vote Republican.

Throwing money at the system is no solution, just politics of an outgoing administration angling (buying) their future career opportunities. How much of your $$$ being spent on Perdue's latest Pre-K vision will help kids? Right here, right now, look no further than the absolute disgrace, waste, fraud, disturbing personnel matters (possibly involving children?) and theft by higher-ups. Who was supposed to be providing oversight to prevent waste and fraud looting what Gov. Perdue says isn't enough $$$. There's plenty of money and taxpayer support, the administration top-heavy, no concern from local leaders (well, Burger has been out there trying at least while dodging incoming fire from Head Start heads who freakishly arrested the one local leader who cared over thanksgiving. If they put half the time into teaching children they put in that appalling abuse of the "justice system" to discredit burger, perhaps because all signs continue to point to his being right about the organization and its leader, those around her, the $$$ has always been just gets looted by the cinthiya browns and cohorts before it reaches the "poor disadvantaged children" we hear of from the same free-spending, liberals who hire the browns of the world to constantly ask for more money and new programs. McCrory in 2012!!!


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