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purpose of this video coming out now....

please keep in mind that the whole reason why this video is coming out now is to show that the stmt that the town mgr made about the record of these cops is 100% false. this video is just one example of how their conduct was brought forward to the town mgr 2.5 yrs ago and nothing was done about it. ever since this incident it has always been known to me that these cops were scumbags and the fact that they are under investigation for some other reason is not surprising at all. what happened that night in the taxi was 100% unprovoked and unprofessional.....about a week after that happened I heard that 1 of the 4 individuals that got arrested that night was issued a DUI....i guess he was scared that if he took a taxi he would get tazzzzzed and arrested. the bottom line here is that when the bars get let out the cops have a job.....its crowd control, to uphold the law and to make sure people are safe......if you pull over a cab for violating a town ordinance and you realize people are in the least let them know...hey its going to be 15-20 minutes...sit tight and you will be on your way....or you could allow them to get another cab...dont ignore them and expect that they know what to do in that situation....its not a very difficult job down there at wrightsville beach...just be smart...if you can.....


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