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Reply to "Still no"

The story also did NOT say that ANYONE "jumped in DEMANDING to know why his buddy was arrested". Mr. McLawhorn only stated (in a cut/edited video) that the officer never told them why he was being arrested. It appears that you don't mind defending your opinion(s)by stressing that certain facts were not there for you to consider (even after someone clearly provides you with those facts by posting the arrest information from the newspaper) while at the same time basing your opinion(s) on facts that were not there for you to consider. I have respect and appreciation for law enforcement and have always "shut up and listened" the few times I have had to deal with them, but, I ABSOLUTELY cannot say that if I saw someone I care about being hurt without having done anything to deserve it that I would not, at the least, be asking "why?" or begging the person doing harm, police officer or not, to stop. A taser is very painful and officers are not given tasers to use in the manner in which they were used here. I do have the benefit of having seen the entire video, yet I would still feel the same way after seeing just this clip. What happened was wrong and those gentlemen in that cab are some of the most respectful and kind individuals I know.


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