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Rouzer speaks like the career politician he is!

David Rouzer, a Washington and Raleigh insider says he want to get government out of the way and out of our pockets, but he touts that he began his political career in 1995 in DC with Helms, so he is part of the very establishment government he says he wants to get out of the way. This sounds to me like a politicians play with words. He also says he does not believe in term limits. Many believe that lack of term limits have contributed greatly to the corruptness associated with career politicians and to the demise of this country. Rouzer states that he is conservative, yet he goes along with the liberals while lobbying for the AG JOBS AMNESSTY Bill that Diane Fienstein sponsored and supported by Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy. He was paid thousands of dollars by special interest groups to lobby for this bill. Barack Obama is campaigning for amnesty for illegals, and Rouzer believes there should be measures taken for illegals to stay in this country if they have been here for 12-15 years or so, if Rouzer and Obama get their way, it could be disastrous for the country as well as the republican party. Why do you think Obama wants amnesty for illegals, so they can vote and of course, they will vote democrat, another democrat voting block. Rouzer also braggs about the money he has raised for his campaign, but doesn't mention the people that are donating. He has sizable donations from special interest groups, farmers, PACS, fellow lobbyists, corporations and Washington DC friends, etc. I have been told that big checks expects big favors. Rouzer's opponent, Ilario Pantano is also a conservative. Pantano is not a Washington or Raleigh insider,is not a career politician, believes in term limits,actually signed a pledge with a bond on his house to put his money where his mouth is, does not advocate for amnesty for illegals, has not been a lobbyist, and his campaign donations list reveals the majority of his contributions are from grassroots activists. Pantano has fought to protect our freedoms in 2 wars, understands the private sector, as he was a small business owner, author of 2 books, free lance writer for national magazines, understands and can relate to homeland security, foreign policy and national security. Ilario Pantano is a true constitutional conservative intellect.


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