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Not again...

I agree with whoever said he should crawl back under a rock. I don't care what anyone's position is on homosexuality... if they profess to be a "good christian," then the top two things a christian does is
1. Treat others as they want themselves to be treated, and
2. Judge not, lest you be judged.
Mr. White condemns innocent people who have a homosexual orientation, but PEDOPHILES, ruining the lives of INNOCENT CHILDREN... well, Mr. White must think that is A-OK because he defends them. ANYTHING FOR A BUCK, it would seem. There are an infinite myriad of reasons why Mr. White has no business representing our county as a NHC Commissioner. Please keep this man out of this office. We don't need a delusional, morally bankrupt person, who obviously believes he is an upstanding human being, making decisions about New Hanover county. (see


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