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People like you really make me laugh! You assume I'm a Christian, just because I don't agree with your post. Wrong. I just don't like seeing bigots like you constantly picking on people who are actually trying to help others. I doubt you've ever had a noble thought in your life; that would take thinking about someone else besides yourself...a foreign idea.

The pastor put his contact information out there in case anyone wanted to use it. If they don't, that's their choice. It gives them an option, which you would love to take away.

The young man that passed is beyond help, but he leaves behind others who may be suffering and need help to deal with their loss. If they want to deal with it on their own, so be it. But there may be others who would love a choice. Take away freedom of choice and, well, know the rest. I don't think people like you will be happy until we're all speaking a foreign language and wearing burkas.


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