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Hollis Decision

So, what was the point of the SBI investigation again? Clearly, the citizens of this area are living in fantasy land and said bye bye to reality. Do not be pissing and moaning to anyone when the next round of terrorist assault the United States. Do not be pissing and moaning when the next natural disaster occurs and "government" doesn't move fast enough for your tastes.

I do sincerely hope, the few officers left in the Leland Police Department, have the moxy to stand up for themselves and tell the few village idiots, who think they have a clue or a right, to piss off or tell them to do it themselves.

The only thing taxes allow you to have an opinion on is making sure the infrastructure works when necessary, not managing or leading it. Leave the leading and managing to those who are qualified. I have seen alot of officers in the FDNY, that did not have the experience but had college degrees, get promoted through the ranks just because. College doesn't qualify you expert on anything other than you know how to study and take a test. But hey, we taught monkeys to fly space ships. Ask kblue and his band of merry men, I am sure he'll rap about it later.

Like Caterpillar, will take my money and business elsewhere. Good luck hippies!!!


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