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This is a post not a

This is a post not a résumé. Therefore, short answers are ok. Listen, born with a silver spoon, they are the backbone but what would you know about that since it appears all you have to time to do is try to show what you believe is your superior intellect and find some little thing to criticize. It is the context that is important, or did someone forget to put that point in a power point for you.

Let's see how successful you are when people find out that the only experience you have had is kissing butt. A piece of paper + but kissing=no substance. You will find that very soon for yourself.

I would take someone who has worked, gone to Brunswick Community College or Cape Fear any day over you. At least they have common sense and will twice as hard. In addition, here’s the real reason-their heart is in what they do, they are not just trying to blow smoke up people’s butt to get a title and move on. They are from here and they want to improve the community here, not take things away from here.

PS- The sentence you started with my guess-should be capitalized, should it not? Maybe you need to go back to school and have a life lesson.

Workforce means you actually work.

Try this one on - “Arrogance diminishes wisdom”~

Arabian Proverb quotes


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