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It maybe time for the DOJ to become involved. Not unusual for a United States district court judge to oversee a small town due to graft.

This is not the private sector that the manager is used to operating in. The rules are different. This is not the company's money. Public funds and monies are being spent, absent any oversight by the duly elected town council and mayor with no opportunity for a public hearing on such important matters in light of all the recent scandal.

An interim to replace an interim? There seems to be no plan or timetables. Everything is very vague. Remember, Jayne had no plan. Mr. Hollis, definitive timetables and commitments to the public are a must to repel rumors and restore public trust. When people appear from nowhere, unannounced, it appears to be good ole boy networking in action. May I suggest a plan to you, because you seem like a well intentioned albeit naive manager. For instance a model:

Step 1:The town will accept applications until a date certain. State the date.

Step 2:The town will then examine the applications by a date certain (state the date) and choose the 6 or 8 best qualified.

Step 3: We will allow the council to interview them and narrow it down to the top 3 by a date certain.

Step 4: We will allow a public vetting of the 3 remaining candidates on a date ceratin. The public will be allowed to meet them and ask them questions. If a candidate objects, he will be eliminated from consideration.

Step 5: The town manager after observing the town council and the public vetting of each candidate for chief, will choose the best candidate for our town.

Step6: Most importantly, publish your timetables and keep the public informed every step of the way.

The plan eliminates uncertainty, includes the council, MOST IMPORTANTLY INCLUDES THE CITIZENS, and steals no power from you. Who can accuse you of wrongdoing with that much transparency?


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