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Have you seen me defend him...

...on any other issue beside the shooting?

No, you haven't. I don't vote for him. I'm not even particularly fond of the guy.

However, let me explain what you and all the other experts are really saying regarding the shooting. It really isn't about Pantano, after all. You're saying that you know more about the incident than LtCol Winn, the investigating officer who found no cause for a charge of murder. You are more qualified to make a finding of fact than General Huck, who supported the findings of the IO and did not send the case to a court-martial.

Without benefit of having been there, you know more than any of them? You are more qualified in the administration of military justice than men who have spent their lives in the military?

Meanwhile, in every other case in Iraq, SWG sailors, soldiers and Marines were getting nailed for the slightest infraction. Two Navy SEALs who punched an Iraqi insurgent while he was resisting capture were court martialed. They're STILL prosecuting the Marines from the Haditha incident. About a dozen Army officers, several who had nothing to do with Abu Ghraib, saw their careers end.

But Panatno, a mediocre 2nd Lieutenant with a mediocre record somehow walked? Why? Why was HE the golden boy? Perhaps because he was truly innocent of murder?

I also note that NOT ONE of the anti-Pantano gang has even tried to answer that question. It's like I haven't asked it five times before, right?


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