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The employment rate is still

The employment rate is still higher than when Bush left office. Gas prices are higher than when Bush left office and are projected to get higher than they were during Bush's entire administration. The national debt is higher than when Bush left office. Obama promised more jobs, but we're still out of work. He promised to cut the national debt. The only promise he kept was to raise gas prices.

As for your statement about gas prices. The liberals were constantly blaming Bush when the prices went up during his administration. What's good for the goose is also good for the gander. If the gas prices then were Bush's fault, then the gas prices now are Obama's fault.

Soldiers are coming home? Are you kidding? Why are there troops still in Afghanistan? And the withdrawal of the troops in Iraq aren't to Obama's credit. That was done on a timeline that George Bush instituted.

Get your blinders off. Check facts for yourself instead of relying on the media to tell the truth.


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