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Help is avaiable if Brunswick County Admin and BCEMS would ok it

My heart goes out to the staff and customers of Amera-Tech. During these trying times it is hard to find jobs, especially those that are full time with health insurance being provided at no cost to the employee. The customers of Amera-Tech may get some help from Brunswick County EMS but it will probably be lacking in the personal touch that they are accustomed to. This is not a slur at BCEMS staff but as an emergency service provider they do not usually get to know their patients very much and with the extra work load they will be encouraged to handle calls as fast as possible. Non-emergency ambulance providers are usually able to take more time with patients with many becoming friends and almost family like due to the constant contact.

If the strain is to much for BCEMS, then they and county administrators need to allow another non-emergency ambulance company to fill the need. I know for a fact that a Paramedic level non-emergency ambulance service out of Columbus county has asked for and been denied a franchise in Brunswick County. They were told that there was not a need. It looks like there is one now since the extra work load of non-emergent calls have caused or could cause emergency crews to have extended response times or miss 911 calls completely.
If the service I know about was allowed to operate in Brunswick county those that have lost their jobs would be have a chance to regain employment quickly and BCEMS would not have to worry about the extra wear and tear on their equipment or personnel.

Everyone wants a quick response when they dial 911 for help and I for one feel that a 911 service should not tie up their trucks/personnel on a non-emergent transport that could be handled by another company.


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