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Berger Not a "good politician," but he is "Real" and Keeps Word!


Someone keep that low-taxes, limited government, accountability seeking and transparency pushin "wacko" Commmissioner Berger in “check”:

Louise McColl, leader of Team Barfield-Thompson and their four year or more spending free for all (get ready for tax increases folks) has those who favor wasteful projects and priorities like stadiums and convention centers and arts councils HATE the more responsible Commissioner Berger who is the lone fiscal conservative and common sense straightshooter when the cameras aren't rolling. Berger's personal life is his business, he has more character and kindness toward others than anyone in office, but he is alone--being opposed to spending on non-priority costly (to you) projects benefitting few at the expense of most citizens, earning Commiss. Berger anger & vicious personal attacks from a handful of beneficiaries and invested parties (even commissioners make money off some of their votes on projects).

Berger is a nice guy, caring, sincere, not a good politician but a good person, something we need more of in public office, not incumbents and smooth manipulators who have used their media allies, PR machine, hundreds of thousands of dollars, to create, perpetuate and instill a caricature of Brian that is character assassination, intended to use every opportunity to sell a series of lies so those who have never met Commissioner Berger have this false idea that he is stupid, label him as retarded, and exploit money, media (and Berger's own mistakes) to make you think Brian is some "serial killer" as Barfield called him when you'll never meet a nicer guy or more open public servant. Berger wasn't elected to construct stadiums and monuments to big spending (paid with tax dollars), and he is surrounded by four bigger spending commissioners with each having their own projects like stadiums and pipe laying to build at taxpayer expense.

I gaurantee Barfield-Thompson, married to each other politically, indifferent to those struggling, and it's likely those who post in blogs anonymously are cowardly beneficiaries of wasteful spending and tax incentives to pay for garbage projects we dont need in NHC, Titan to come here and get $4 million for 40 low-paying jobs, making information available to the public, prioritizing low CFPUA rates, fiscal conservatism, no handouts to the special interests of McColl and others who benefit from projects (convention center, stadium, parties for the priveledged, Hugo Neu) he is, that Berger, really stuck on some “crazy” ideas…

…like fixing economic development to actually bring jobs and responsible budgets from the county.

People fear berger for stickng to his guns after all he’s been through and been put through and he still quietly does what he said when he ran (with some mistakes, he’s no perfection). He’s actually a really nice, caring and intelligent person, shy for a politician, who has integrity we dont expect from public officials.

He is under such a barrage from those who want to “keep him in check” (translation: destroy his reputation and assasinate his character)but if you look behind the fake names in anonymous postings you find those with ties to Titan and other projects, PR firms like McColl and associates, the media, county staff with too much time and job insecurities, the good ole boys…to know Commissioner Brian Berger is to know he’s not how the media portrays him. He has had huge amounts of money and effort has been spent to tear him down, but he doesn’t crack.

Jason used to be alot more like Berger a decade ago before he became an entrenched run-of-the-mill incumbent who now does whatever liberal Jonathan Barfield asks of him. Barfield is a bad influence and they are too close, one needs to go, or both, and Berger just needs some fresh faces with good intentions to serve on the Board with him.

Talk to Berger before you judge him. You might be very surprised to find a true “public servant” against the status quo not an arrogant incumbent who created outr current problems.

Berger spends hours and hours with prospective foster parents, biological parents, the needy, mentally ill, real families and real people with real issues working through Social Services. He’s the only Commissioner to show any real concern not just look for a reporter to pose for or political advantage. He just cares.

We need more of that, people like Brian in office not more lawyers, self-dealers, schemers like ted davis jr. and team thompson-barfield (the tax and spend team needs to be broken up they are horrible as a team running the county).

Most people would probably find if they talked to Berger and not the lies in the media that they share his priorities and we do NOT bowling alleys and stadiums when so many are struggling and children in need of homes.

I never met Brian before he was elected, neither did my husband, but he did something no other official would, spending many hours to support our work and loving home where we have fostered children for many, many years. Commissioner Berger is for the taxpayers, not in any way a criminal but a victim of domestic abuse and then further victimized by a court system and law enforcement and lccal politicians and media who steadfastly avoid the truth and have printed and aired anything anti-Berger without even considering the accuracy of their reporting.

If being a fiscal conservative, honorable, promise-keeping and real, genuine faithful public servant like Commissioner Berger happens to be makes him a "Whacko" then my husband I are whackos. So are many wilmingtonians and county residents who dont depend on government for fancy living and anonymous dispicable attacks on a truly nice, intelligent leader who is the last person deserving of such deplorable attacks. I'll take Berger and his fiscal conservatism over team Barfield-Thompson and their spend on everything ways...Berger needs another fiscal conservative or several to be more effective, he cant work miracles with the current Board and incumbents who have supported the old ways of doing things for decades and will never change.

We can't as Christians engage in the lies and horrible attacks, leaks from county staff who must be looking for more raises, crimes against the people by some individuals in some agencies like Social Services, a Board Berger set the ideal for and role he excelled up to his promise of "reform" and improvment. Please, please talk to Commissioner Berger (who perfers to be called "Brian") and learn the truth that he is intelligent and has been treated terribly, labeled as guilty of crimes he never committed but was the victim. Brian is right on the issues, right in his character and integrity, and he needs more fiscal conservatives to be more effective. Voting for incumbents who intend to oppose Berger's reforms and responsible government concept won't change anything. That change is long overdue. He won't be alone there are other good candidates, who have lots of experience too, so that argument is pure rhetoric. At least one of the two, Thompson or Barfield, need to check out of office. Probably Barfield. Thompson used to be more conservative and maybe without Barfield, would come back to serving the County and not senselessly attacking and undermining the good ideas and intentions of Commish Berger.


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