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Are you attacking what I

Are you attacking what I said? If so, I don't see the relevance since I didn't mention Berger. But since you did, I will say something on the matter. I have never met Mr. Berger. All I know of Mr. Berger is what is told in the media and on these message boards. I don't know that there is really enough to say whether or not he is a good person, but it seems like there has been enough information to say that his personal problems have interfered with his duties as a county commissioner. Does that mean he is on the wrong side of any issues concerning New Hanover County? I really can't say. But what I can say is that New Hanover County deserves to have people that best represent their wishes and can best serve them in a proper manner without so much baggage affecting their jobs. And I this point, I just don't see Mr. Berger being one of those people.

I believe that New Hanover County shouldn't re-elect either Thompson or Barfield. They have absolutely proven that they don't have New Hanover County's best interests at heart.

There are three things that come to mind with reference to Thompson. One is the incident where he offered to settle an issue at a meeting by taking it outside. Another was his strong opposition to the county paying to pick up yard debris. And it isn't because the commission wasn't going to pay it was that they, including Thompson, decided not to and Thompson was up there telling people who they could pay to pick it up and one of the companies was his own. The third thing that comes to mind is what he said about people who couldn't see that spending the money for the USS Gravely party was a good economic decision were ignorant. That alone shows his disrespect for the people he is supposed to represent.

As for Jonathan Barfield. The first thing that really comes to mind is again the USS Gravely issue. He told the taxpayers, that they didn't have a right to an opinion on it if they had never served in the military. As taxpayers, the citizens of New Hanover County have a right to an opinion on any decision the commission makes and they have a right to an opinion on how their tax dollars are spent. In January of 2011, Barfield said in a state of the county address that the county was fiscally strong. Three months later it was reported that the county was $1.8 million in the hole. He can't have it both ways. Then there was the time in 2011 that he threatened to cut the school board's budget because he didn't agree with their decision regarding neighborhood schools, when it is something that the citizens of New Hanover County wanted.

I can keep my comments about the city council and the mayor brief. They built a convention center that the citizens of Wilmington voted against twice. They are taking steps toward building a baseball stadium that the taxpayers don't want to pay for. They certainly have things more pressing that their tax dollars need to take care of.


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