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Who's really at fault?

As I read these posts, I’m deeply saddened and my heart/ prayers go out to both families. At the end of the day, a little boy has died and another black man is in jail. To be honest some of you sound ignorant attempting to defend a criminal that clearly hasn’t experience the guidance and mentorship needed to become a successful black man. So who do we blame? I don’t know what happen, but I do know the events that transpired are senseless.
Many people take life for granted and think its acceptable being able to, “Make it rain in the club”, but “WE” don’t own our home. Bragging about how many times you were shot on FB…but “WE” can’t afford insurance. “We” glorify this type of behavior. Many of these people I can guarantee didn’t have a solid upbringing and in return that’s what we teach our children. It’s a continuous cycle and “WE” can’t identify it.
This is what I preach too many of my younger siblings… Get an education and stop associating yourself with people who can’t assist you with life’s difficult decisions. I know most of the people involved in this traumatic event and I hope they will make better choices in life and seek GOD first. So instead of saying who is at fault and what happen… Let’s start raising our children correctly. Men learn how to be fathers and that’s not limited to paying bills… You need to set an example for your children and provide mentorship and guidance. Be there for them mental, physically and emotionally. Ladies, learn how to be a “Big Mama” to your children. Again, most importantly keep GOD first. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect but I have identified the issue.
We all want to point the blame, but who is really at fault. We all need to look at ourselves because we are the future. Are we upholding the standards for our children? Are we the ones contributing to the killings, drug use, rapes, and non-educated children? Are we the ones glorifying RAP/ROCK music, money, cars, “Bling Bling”, and ladies? Is this what’s life really about?


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