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Thoughts on the Marine Corps

I am a former Marine who is GLAD that he got out. When I read news articles regarding how some Marines treat other Marines and how SOME Marines act like absolute jack***es it always serves as a reminder of WHY I got out of the Marine Corps. As a veteran, I have absolutely nothing against our military as a whole and I actually support them 110%. However, with that being said, I am convinced that the U.S. Marine Corps recruits the absolute lowest quality individuals among the five military branches in terms of both moral character and, dare I say it, intelligence (you smart Marines may exclude yourselves from that comment). Seriously, you hardly ever hear about Army Soldiers, Air Force Airmen, or Navy Sailors committing crimes or engaging in what could be considered ungentlemanly acts. Its mostly Marines who always seem to be in the negative media limelight. I've said it a million times before, there is a REASON why the U.S. Marines have the HIGHEST first term attrition rate among the five military branches. I don't like and didn't like being associated with troublemakers? Would you?


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