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A few make it through that shouldn't.

As in any military branch, there are those that sqeak through the gamut and get to be a Marine. Sounds like you had a really tough time with your exposure to other "men".

You have forgotten about the "Tailhook Scandal" (US Navy), the sexual abuse scandal in 2003 (USAF), the USAF Dover AFB scandle with body dumping and confused B-52 flights, the thousands of lead-acid batteries dumped in the ocean during marker maintenance by the USCG, the 20 million dollar US Army bribe scandal. The list goes on and on and on...endless.

If I were you, I would place my self in the category of "jacka$$es and idiots" that you defined for your fellow military. I'm glad you made it through your pitiful experience and I'm very glad you aren't out there serving this great nation any longer. There are enough cowards in this world already!


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