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"You will need an i.d. now"

"You will need an i.d. now" Cassie with all respect to your Mother...and by the do have a Social Security # don't you? If are numbered.
Here's one of the benefits this new rule imposes. The PA's (physician assistants) and their supporting doctors as well...will be watched more and more by the FDA on how they prescribe pain meds. and quantities. And yes...there are those in that field that write out whatever the patient wants. This is coming as well...Once where there was the HIPAA rule where doctor #1 couldn't call doctor #2 and see what they had written out to patients they treat and see if they are going from doctor to doctor to get what they want, will be cross referenced. This process will soon be networked and this should have been done years ago. Doctors "can now" call a pharmacist and ask what meds "their patient" has been prescribed in order to prevent over medicating someone on certain drugs...any drugs...not just "Controlled or Narcotics"...but those have become the "BIGGIES".
The patients insurance companies paying a percentage for all these meds from different doctors are as much to blame to help create addiction in "some people" unless they see where they have had them filled before. This isn't a matter of's a fact. If their insurance carriers won't pay...patients will pay "out-of-pocket"...but have no illusions here either...a Pharmacist can (and has the right) to refuse distribution of any meds that either interact in a negative way...or see where this patient has had the prescription filled at another pharmacy. The Pharmacist are held accountable as well...they just don't hand out meds because a piece of paper says it OK.
The "Drug Society Providers" have a way of setting themselves up for a major "take down"...and this is one prime example. Have no has all been driven by the God Oh Mighty Dollar at the price of addiction in some patients!
Another added and positive fact...doctors will now have to disclose what financial benefit they have come to know from Drug Reps convincing physicians to prescribe "or hand out" their latest meds. Nothing comes free without a least now it won't in regards to hand out meds. Urine test will soon become the "Norm" as well at the doctors discretion...and the doctor won't pay for it...the patient will.
Back to the case in point...get a legit i.d.!


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