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Toby Bronstein/Crisco Share Myopic Views Of Economic Growth

When I read news of North Carolina failing to attract industry for it's citizens, I am reminded that Toby Bronstein, the northeast transplant is in bed with those that will find any excuse to nix economic development in our region.

Crisco may be the latest Dem appointee to stumble and bumble confusing not closing the deal for jobs as being successful, but Bronstein is the malignant, self-annointed superior mind who is at the heart of the economic growth problem in Brunswick County.

Toby Bronstein and many of her rabble in NoPort have their fat cat pensions through employment elsewhere. They prefer turtle nests, golf and senior retiree frivolities to honest jobs and economic growth for the large majority of Brunswick County residents.

Democratic party shills like Crisco know they have the backing of the northeast liberal establishment within the Forbidden City called St. James and other gated communities and tacitly cater to this travisty.

I guess Toby feels her myopic and agenda-driiven "studies" and the money supporting her destructive vision for Brunswick Couty are enough to warrant that Democratic visitors will avoid saying anything to unleash her old, predictable and foolish rants to the media coupled with the usual suspects with time to burn writing nonsense letters to the editor in the local papers that in effect trade jobs for swampland.

Folks like Crisco and Bronstein are a bridge to nowhere.


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