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I hope it does not pass, it

I hope it does not pass, it should not have came to this point. Our Constitution should not be used to forward some political or moral agenda. It is the framework of our government, and amendment should only be to protect an individual's right to challenge and be a part of their elected governement. An issue such as defining what a marriage is shouls be a law, and if someone doesn't agree with the law, charge their leaders with making the change or try to overturn within the judical system.

It really saddens me that people allow their social and moral beleifs to overshadow their good sense. Regardless of your beleifs, we are a free society, and people are allowed to live as they see fit, as long as they are are hurting anyone. We should not use something as important as our constitution to be manipulated into one sides agenda.

I will vote against the amendment, and any leader in Raleigh who supported it. Not because of my opinions on what defines a marriage, but for the using our constitution as a way to promote a political agenda. It is our protection over our freedoms we hold dear, and that many lives have been lost to protect...not some thing that politicans and radicals can use to limit an individuals freedoms.


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