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I am a gay teen. I am a CHRISTIAN, that's right, a christian, a Baptist to be exact. I have a boyfriend and I love him with all my heart. I have kissed a woman, I felt NOTHING!, I kissed a man, I felt FIREWORKS! I am gay, and I hope to get married with the one who I will spend the rest of my life regardless if my mother is against gay's, bi's, and lesbian's. So, build yourself a bridge and get over it the year is 2012, not 1950.

In 1950 there was discrimination against the blacks, and you all fought to gain equal right did you not? Of course you did. And what happened? You won! And now it a matter of choice if a woman/man wants to marry that person. Either same-sex or opposite gender. One day we will prevail! And we will win, so thank you all who agree with me and if your gay/bi/lesbian, yell with happiness because you are who you are and you are special no matter what anybody tells you and tries to bring you down.

If you are a Lady Gaga fan I think you have heard of Lady Gaga's hit song: Born This Way. if you haven't heard of it before I advise you listen to it. Also, any Glee fans who like Kurt and Blaine and are soooo happy that they are together that is the relationship I want to have that same experience with my boyfriend. There love is unconditional and forever. For any young people out there who are going through this difficult time talk to your school guidance counselor or adult who you can talk about this matter that is vitally important to your maturity and the part of growing up. If you haven't ever watched Glee before watch it you will LOVE IT, I DO! And I hope you all find that perfect match out there he/she is waiting for you so start searching!

If you are young, and have wanted to meet a fellow teen who is gay/bi and you are a male try out a GREAT site that I met my boyfriend on it is called Xanga, no, it is not a gay dating site, it is a blogging site that you can create a blog and nshare it and make friends. Here is a direct link to the blog page that was created so, if you want to join, and find friends I suggest you do so:

there are literally THOUSANDS of gay/bi teens that are hot! And you'd be surprised that just maybe what kind of guys are just down your street who you can meet and chat with. have fun just don'g get too excited when you see them, I know how tempting it can be to see if they might have a little peek of "something" lol. Have fun and I hope you find your match. And remember you have to create an account with Xanga if you really want to find someone put a pic up either your face or something like that or else they will just pass you by without a 2nd glance, and I thought I wasn't cute or hot, but how, I was wrong. There were hundreds of guys who thought I was hot and cute so, if you are one of those guys who think they aren't, think again. Good luck!

If you'd like to cantact me with any questions my email is

*It is NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


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