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Gay Marriage

Anyone who can say that it is a choice to pick a life style that is so misunderstood and hated for no real reason and are born in this world from straight couple from the beginning is really got to take a step back and see what is real. They say those who hate and speak and think so narrow minded come from a very ugly family tree. I am glad that my family tree that I fell off of was loving and understanding and wanted to educate themselves so I could be more open and understanding to others differences like; color,religion,national origin and gender choices. I have been a foster parent for a long time and I have to say that the children that have come to me were from straight familys who are blessed to choose who they want to marry and yet they are the ones who are destroying the marriages they are so trying to stop those from being able to do. So anyone who uses God and the church as thier way to debate wether to allow others to do what is right for them need to see the destruction they are doing to this world and familys. Gays arent hurting children the haters are the ones that are. You have set up children to be bullied and ashamed of good parents that are teaching love and not hate in this world. Know the differenc, if a straight man is sexually abusing his daughter dose that make all fathers sexual abusers!! Educate yourselves out there please..we all need each other because times are changing fast in this world and we are all in it together!...The constitution is set up to protect all not just those who want to make rules because they are frightened of something they cannot understand. God Bless everyone...isnt that what it is about...


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