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Common Sense based on fact

Why is it when I read these comments, the only factual and knowledgeable ones seem to come from those who oppose the building of this plant? To suggest that a questionable number of jobs (the number, qualifications and descriptions of local hires of which Titan refuses to reveal) justifies the level of negative impacts this plant will have on our community is NOT common sense. To suggest that they are "following the law" and so we should sit back and allow a foreign corporation to dictate how things should be here and what our future should look like while they try to manipulate the rules and sue our citizens is just plain stupid, This is OUR community and the majority of us realize bringing the fourth largest cement plant - one of the dirtiest industries in the world- to our densely populated, already too polluted area on the banks of our already mercury-impaired river, within 5 miles of 8500 school children who the medical literature say are especially susceptible to the almost 12 million lbs. of 140 toxins spewing from Titans 500 ft. smokestack is NOT what I call common sense. Allowing a foreign company to destroy thousands of acres of wetlands, dig a 2500 acre mine and drain millions of gallons of water every day from our aquifer,and then leave us with the mess while they go back to Greece with their profits is not OK. The laws are NOT protecting us and we are trying to change that -legislatively at the local, state and national level and also by standing up and speaking out when we see an injustice done in our community - even when Titan tries to shut us up by suing people.
To all those who argue for Titan without the facts - get informed and take the time to understand what it will really mean to have this billion dollar foreign bully in our backyard.


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