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Reply to FACTS

These are Wonderful Facts that you have presented about NH County and pollution. The only problem I have is the way you have used them. Titan was not around when all of this polluting was going on and many of the chemicals you refer to are used by the plants on HWY 421 North out of Wilmington but I do not see you protesting them. Their pollution is so sever that I have been driving down Interstate 40 around 3 AM with my window down and have been brought to tears and found it difficult to breath because of the chemicals coming from the plants on HWY 421. You can drive HWY 421 and choke on the same chemical releases on almost any given night.

Titan recognizes these pollution problems and has designed a plant to eliminate many if not all of the ways they could pollute. One thing is for sure, they offer a better plan than exists currently and you are not protesting the existing polluters. Why? Are you being paid to attack TITAN by their competitors? I only ask because I cannot find a single reason for you to suddenly take an interest in one company that is not operational or polluting but have ignored the existing companies that are polluting. Are you a paid agitator?


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