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A Fool and His Money

Internet Sweepstakes Cafes are a racquet set up for one purpose and one purpose only--to take money from the poor.

Here in Bladen County, one of the poorest in the state, these "cafes" are popping up like mushrooms.

In Dublin, one of Bladen's smaller and poorer communities, a former service station and restaurant is being remodeled to house an Internet Sweepstakes Cafe, and directly across the street from this new cafe is another gambling joint.

The new internet cafe has arched windows like a church. I have seen the beatup old cars in front of these cafes. And the people driving these cars are poor, nearly destitute, and they are gambling away the welfare money provided by taxpayers. Their children will go lacking, no doubt, while their parents throw away their money.

It's the "get something for nothing" mentality at work here. The gamblers come from the littering classes, and you can see their contributions to the environment by their trashy properties--old recliners thrown out of front doors, plastic trash all over their yards. Eyesores everywhere.

And when I go out to the highway to pick up trash, I have to pick up their paper receipts from the gambling joints!

That's how it is here in Bladen. Roadside trash and gambling joints. That about sums it up. And to add to the atrocious litter up and down the highways, we now have the paper receipts from gambling parlors thrown out the windows of losers' vehicles. And I use "losers" in all aspects of its meaning.


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