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It appears that you are associating the use of...

...sweepstakes parlor visitors to education. You mention the "get something for nothing" mentality. These are again the same folks that got Obama elected as our president. These are people that neglected to get an education and have chosen to ride the entitlement train for theirs and their families sustainance. They won't get out and get and education, they won't get out and get a job, provide zero motivation for ther children to gain an education and success and only breed more generations of the same. These people are lazy and they will continue to be lazy until the entitlements come to an end and they are forced to do something for themselves. The have no appreciation for what is given to them because it is free and they feel that they "deserve" that. A new car and a new house given to them for free would wind up a total wreck in less than a year.

To begin deserving my vote, I want promises of entitlement reform in a major way and returning the jobs of this country back to the legal citizens here. I don't mind that my tax money is used to help someone get back on their feet, but I'm sick and tired of it being used to support lifetime entitlements for drug users and dealers to sit on their a$$ to create more lifetime entitlement users!


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