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I read the above statements and wonder who the idiots are? Why so angry? Do you live in a fairy tale? There will always be people in one class or another but, to think that all people who are on welfare are dirty and misguided is in itself a reflection on the way you were raised. Have you ever tried to meet any of these so-called welfare recipients or do you just judge on what you have been taught? I for one know a lot of struggling people who are up right citizens who for one reason or another cannot raise above their status. Could that be from a one class of people suppressing the lower class to never allow them to succeed? Think about what you write and think about how ridiculous it sounds? Not all people who play sweeps are poor, dirty and degenerates. I run a sweeps (not in Bladen County) and the majority of my customers are 6 figures. They find it fun, relaxing and a way to get out of the house. In this establishment no alcohol, drugs or any means of disrupting behavior. The Sweeps can be ran with class. I know this to be a empirical fact cause I have one.


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