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Unless you have passed the bar exam and have been appointed I suggest you take off your robe and stop judging others. Do some research on your subject as well - before you step up on your soap box and begin condemning those who are not as fortunate as you. I commend you if you clean highways as a volunteer but if that is your profession you should realize that litter bugs are excellent job security for you.

For argument sake let us assume that you have correctly identified the demographic of cafe customers. Are you saying that low-income citizens should be banned from any sort of entertainment? Do you realize that over half of the population receives some sort of assistance from the government? If you were to stay consistent with your thought process I would expect similar posts from you regarding every business which offers entertainment.

Maybe you can start a petition to brand or mark those who receive welfare so you can ridicule them when you see them at a movie theater, arcade, ticketed festival, the beach, putt putt, or any other place where they may spend money on anything but survival necessities. You may want to protest every convenient store selling lotto as well.

Did you realize that these businesses create jobs for the local economy as well as tax dollars? You and the government should stay out of others business. Let the government tax these companies appropriately and let the market dictate the rest. The idea that there are state sponsored lottos and sweepstakes at the McDonald's drive-thru yet internet cafes are made out to be criminal is confusing. My advise to those who feel it necessary to complain about these businesses is do not go. Join the free enterprise economy that is America and start your own company instead of living hand to mouth as an employee so miserable your only joy comes from hating on others.



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