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Internet Sweepstakes

With no jobs and a less than poor economy, I don't understand why a state would put 10,000 people out of work and throw away not only individual income taxes but the business income taxes and the business license fees. If North Carolina wants to outlaw gambling, they should add the "Education" lottery (which has a gambling addiction hotline number printed on every scratch off), bingo and home poker games (which are legal). Either gambling is legal or it is not. NC seems to pick and choose. By the way, if internet gambling is illegal, are state law enforcement going to go building to building and confiscate ALL computers? If not, they are again picking and choosing because anywhere a person can access the internet, be it home, work or a public WIFI, they can play the same games for money as they played in an Internet Sweepstakes Cafe. People who wish to play, will play. If they cannot play legally in NC, they will go to the casino boats in Little River or take an excursion tour to Mississippi, Atlantic City, Cherokee, or Las Vegas; and, if you don't think people on welfare are doing exactly that, you don't know too many people on welfare. My husband worked at one of those internet sweepstakes places and it was a regular thing for the phone to ring with a call for someone playing to come take a seat in a high stakes poker game at someone's home. Ten times out of ten, it was a person on welfare. Now tell me what good it does to put 10,000 tax paying workers out of jobs.


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