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Whats frivolous about it? The parents just want their kid not to be put in a corner and treated like a freak. No one is asking them to make the child play quarterback on the football team or to be the lead in the school play, they just want the other kids not to treat him like a reject and give him a chance to try to learn. No one expects the child to invent the next fuel for cars or how to get to Pluto, but have a little consideration for the disabled.

I'm sorry - I respect your opinion that there is no responsbility for the school to bring the kid up to the level of the others, but its a little rediculous to think the child cant at least be in the same school with the other children, don't you?

Or are you one of those who pointed and laughed at the child with down-syndrome and called him a retard? I bet you were.


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