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My late father was wounded in WWII. Seeing some of these comments, he might as well have put up a welcome sign instead of fighting.

Eugenics actually started in America and England but went into an embarrassed silence after the truth about the Holocaust emerged. Still, the systematic murders of disabled children and adults which actually acted as a build-up for the death camps was kept very quiet for decades in the US, partly to tamp down disclosure of American involvement in the philosophical underpinnings of the view and eugenic practices in American institutions.

Seeing these calls for segregation is very retro-- one of the first thing the Nazi psychiatrists did was to isolate the disabled and remove services, herding the disabled into segregated institutions. At first removal from society was really the point, but then the evil progressed. It's so easy to do away with human beings who aren't integrated into communities. No one knows them, no one cares, and this is what happened. Interestingly, even loyal Nazi party members were unwilling to give up their disabled children to the killing centers, so the program remained far more covert than the death camps throughout the war. Even Hitler was embarrassed.

What's lesser known still about the period is that the rate of disability had risen very sharply prior to the war as Germany became the chemical production capital of the world. Brand new disorders sprang up along with brand new chemical compounds. Science had caused this rise and then science was responsible for quarantining the blame for it on the disabled population itself. But there's no such thing as a genetic epidemic as the saying goes-- false genetic theory was simply a means to generate public consent to get rid of the collateral of technology. That kind of monstrosity is very hungry though, and as the high school text books tell us, soon no one was safe. Things seem to be moving in that direction in the US.

The really ironic thing about the current epidemic of child disability and all this monkey noise about "breeding" and burdens on society is that it may not necessarily be genetic "weakness" which leaves the children of some families vulnerable to the effects of environmental toxins. Boys with high testosterone, children with higher IQs seem to be particularly vulnerable to toxic brain damage. It probably relates to the doubled rate of allergies among children with high IQ (the brain and immune system compete for metabolic fuel) and male vulnerability to certain forms of oxidative stress and stroke. Autism may relate to anaphylaxis and autoimmunity, as does asthma, diabetes, peanut allergies and a slew of other modern disorders.

By 2030, I have to wonder if there will be a single American left in team sports- we'll have to import them. Never mind our institutions of higher learning. Might as well start outsourcing universities now because the severely disabled are only the warning flare. The generation under 18 today faces unknown health consequences, even the "lucky" ones who show less effects now. Massive rates of rare cancers? Prostate cancer at 25? Heart disease at 30? Alzheimer's doubling every 20 years? Mass infertility? And what about the offspring of the current generation? There are epigenetic effects from certain exposures that can show up in later generations.

So the reason we care for the disabled and the reason we teach typical children that they must be tolerant, inclusive and humane-- aside from the fact that to do otherwise is a guaranteed descent into a dangerous, undemocratic society which will eventually devour everyone-- is that society created most of the disability that currently exists. The way out of the dilemma is not to stuff the collateral under a rug or blame defective genes and "breeding" but to find the environmental causes and stop the trend. The scapegoating and abuse of the disabled is a kind of crutch, a bad money after worse effect to avoid facing what's really happening.

People can run from this but they can't hide. No goofy Mayan Armageddon necessary-- autism and other rampant disorders are harbingers of something worse to come. Wake up and work to solve it or move out of the way.


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